Body Piercing

The act of adorning the body by piercing the skin and inserting jewellery has been practised throughout civilisation for over 5000 years. The techniques and applications of this practise have been refined in many aspects over centuries but we must never lose sight of the sacred and often intimate task of adorning the flesh of others.

by Alison Morris



Our Piercing Team

At Forevermore we are just as serious about the art of Body Piercing as we are about Tattooing, something we've always tried to reflect in the quality of work and selection of jewellery we offer here in the studio.

Alison Morris

Alison joined the FMT Family in 2015 as an apprentice and under, our then senior piercer, Lola’s close instruction she is now a skilled piercer. With four years of experience Alison is now one of our two senior piercers providing the high quality of service people expect from Forevermore.


Our Jewellery

At Forevermore we believe that the key to operating a successful Body Piercing service is to provide the safest materials and facilities available to our customers. That's why all the initial piercing jewellery we provide is:

Internally Threaded - Internally threaded jewellery is designed to pass through the piercing channel without causing trauma to new or healed piercings such as can be experienced when using externally threaded jewellery.

Implant Grade Titanium - What is implant grade titanium? Is it not just the same thing? When it comes to body jewellery quality and material can vary wildly and not all titanium or steel is suitable for implant purposes. That's why you'll be glad to know when you are pierced in our studio we use ASTM F-136 titanium, this is implant grade and ideal for use inside the body.


High End Jewellery

We have a passion for high end piercing at Forevermore and are proud to have been the first shop in Glasgow to import world renowned brands such as Anatometal and Industrial Strength and you can pre-order these from us all year round. We are also happy to custom order items from BVLA and even stock a selection of solid 14k gold rings from local supplier on the West of Scotland. Whether it's half the world away or right on your doorstep we'll do our best to hook you up with the custom made, premium quality item of your dreams.


Jewellery Anodised to Order

We anodise our jewellery right here in the studio, so you have the widest possible selection of colour choices for your piercing jewellery. If you wish to use our anodisation service 24 hours notice is required to give us time to prepare your jewellery. For more information and pricing please click the link below.