Piercing Price List

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What jewellery do you have available for piercing?
All piercings are available to be performed with classic mirror polish titanium. Our titanium stock is ASTM F-136 (Implant grade) and internally threaded. We take extreme care to evaluate and update our stock regularly to ensure our customers are being pierced with materials that will provide optimum healing conditions for their new piercings.

We also carry a selection of premium quality titanium and solid gold attachments, many of which are suitable for use in initial piercings however as these items are kept on display they are not available for “same day piercing” as they require appropriate preparation in our state of the art sterilisation facility before they can be put in you. If you stop by and see us no later than 24 hours before your booking you can make a jewellery selection, we will take a small deposit* and we will prepare your item in time for your appointment.

*Deposits are non-refundable - failure to appear at the time of your appointment will result in the loss of your deposit.