Taking Care of Your New Piercing


The following is the piercing aftercare method as recommended by Forevermore.

This is not the only aftercare method for body piercing that exists but this is the method that we advise. 


The Basic Do’s and Do Not’s of new piercing care:-

  • DO - Wash your hands before and after contact with your piercing
  • DO - Avoid Swimming pools for 4-6 weeks
  • DO - Return to the studio ASAP if you have any concerns regarding the health of your piercing. 
  • DO - Follow the sea salt soak regiment as detailed in the “Sea Salt Soaks” section.
  • DO - Sleep on fresh bedding with your new piercing and remember to change it regularly. 
  • DO - Allow your body time to heal. Rest and ensure you’re getting plenty of vitamins to promote healing.
  • DO - Remember to dry your piercing after having a shower or bath. Moisture can hide in ears and navels especially for hours and a hot damp environment with an open wound is a recipe for infection. 



  • DO NOT -  Play with, twist or poke your new piercing. Cross contamination is the number 1 cause of infection. 
  • DO NOT - Apply cosmetics to the piercing or it’s immediate surroundings. A fresh piercing is an open wound into the body, no it cannot have concealer on it. Cosmetic products include things such as:




-Tanning products

  • DO NOT -  Remove your jewellery at any point during the healing process.
  • DO NOT - Allow pets to come into direct contact with your new piercing. 
  • DO NOT - Allow others to touch your new piercing.


Sea Salt Soaks

Preparing your Sea Salt Soak or “Saline”

Using a clean cup or glass, dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of Sea Salt (NOT Table Salt) into 1/2 pint of freshly boiled water.

Leave your solution to cool for approximately 20-30 minutes to a comfortably warm temperature. 

Once your solution has reached a suitable bathing temperature apply it to your piercing by:

-Submerging your piercing completely

-Soaking clean cotton pads in it and using them as a compress

-Gargling with it

Cleansing your piercing should take 5-10 minutes


Once your piercing has been cleansed dry the area with a clean cotton pad or towel. A cotton bud may be used to wipe away any secretions around the edges of the piercing. 


Benefits of Sea Salt Soaks

Sea Salt Soaks promote healing in the following ways:

-The heat applied to the piercing during a Sea Salt Soak encourages blood to flow to the piercing. A healthy blood flow is essential to wound healing. 

-The heat applied to the piercing during a Sea Salt Soak helps the piercing channel relax during the cleaning process and helps the piercing to weep and drain. 

-Sea Salt Soaks help to soften the dry crust that accumulates around the site of the piercing and on the jewellery, making it much easier to wipe away. 


Isn’t store bought sterile saline safer? 

Not always. A pressurised can of sterile saline will dispense sterile saline with every use however most sterile saline you can buy on the high street does not come in pressurised cans but bottles that can become contaminated. If your bottle of saline becomes contaminated by bacteria and you continue to use that bottle for weeks and weeks the bacteria will continue to breed in that time and your bottle could potentially become a petri dish.

If you are using a pressurised can of sterile saline you lose the benefits of warm application as mentioned previously. 

There are arguments for an against both sterile saline and home made sea salt soaks so we would never say our method is the only viable option. What we will say is that this is our preferred method from our experience. 


Supplementary Advice for Oral Piercing care

Oral piercings can be cleaned internally by rinsing between meals with an alcohol free mouthwash or sea salt solution. 

It is recommended that you drink more water than usual and when drinking fizzy or alcoholic beverages a straw is used. 

Avoid dairy and spicy foods during the initial healing period. 


Supplementary Advice for Genital Piercing care

Genital piercings can be cleaned following the sea salt soak regiment however in some cases genital piercings heal so quickly that all that is required is a daily cleanse with a PH balanced body wash. 

Do not attempt any unprotected intimate contact until the piercing is 100% healed. 

If you wish to have intimate contact before the piercing is 100% healed you must wait until the piercing is comfortable, ensure contact is protected and cleanse the area with a PH balanced body wash at the soonest opportunity.