Taking Care of Your New Tattoo



Now that you have been tattooed, you're responsible for the aftercare of your new tattoo!

It is important you follow the instructions listed below:


Wash your hands before and after cleaning your tattoo


1. After 3 hours remove the dressing and wash the tattoo well with warm soapy water.

Rinse with cool water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Re-wrap the tattoo in cling film and leave until morning.*

Wash, rinse, pat dry and apply aftercare cream. (We recommend AFTERCARE CREAM available in the studio) Only a small amount is required, enough to cover your new tattoo in a thin, clear film.



*Smaller tattoos may not need to be re-wrapped. If your tattoo is still weeping then re-wrap until morning.

2. Your tattoo should be healed in 7-14 days. Certain areas of the body may take longer to heal i.e feet

3. As your new tattoo is healing it may scab, DO NOT PICK IT!! This can lead to infection and lift the ink from the tattoo.

4. While your tattoo is healing you cannot expose it to the sun (sunbathing)

NO Sunbeds

NO Swimming and don't submerge in water until fully healed

NO Saunas or Steam Rooms

5. When your tattoo has fully healed we recommend that you use total sunblock anytime you expose your tattoo to the sun.

Remember your new tattoo is an open wound and may weep, swell, bruise and scab.

It is important that you keep your new tattoo clean at all times to avoid the risk of infection.

If you have any problems phone the studio immediately on 0141 332 9340.