Are there times I should avoid getting pierced?

Yes, a piercing is a wound into the body that may take up to a year to heal fully, this should be considered before being pierced. Here are some examples of situations in which a new piercing may not be appropriate:

  • You haven't checked your Employer's regulations regarding body piercing - Unfortunately not all bosses are as pleased as you are with your new piercing! I can't tell you how often we hear "I had to take my piercing out for work and now it's closed". This is something it would be worth checking out prior to being pierced to save you money and effort. Some of the piercings we perform come with very discreet jewellery options and if you speak with your boss first you may be able to come up with a compromise that keeps everyone happy.
  • You're about to fly to Lanzarote - Well, anywhere there's sun sea and sand really. A new piercing is an open wound into the body and let's face it, when you're on holiday enjoying yourself the last thing you're going to be thinking about is cleaning your new piercing twice a day.Instead of being pierced in the run up to your holiday, save your pennies for holiday clothes and come in and see us when you get back.
  • You're feeling under the weather - Your new piercing will be relying on your immune system to help it heal. If you aren't feeling 100% giving your body an extra thing to care for may just push you over the edge into full blown sickness. Having an open wound combined with a weak immune system then leaves you even more at risk of piercing complication or infection.
  • You are drunk or otherwise incapacitated - We cannot perform body piercing on persons who are under the influence.
  • You are pregnant or Breastfeeding - We will not perform any piercing on any person who is pregnant or breastfeeding under and circumstances, This is because a piercing breaks the skin and whenever the skin barrier is broken there is a risk of infection. That risk may be very minor however it’s presence becomes more significant when you consider that any infection contracted by the mother could potentially harm the foetus or baby. As such any reputable piercing establishment could not in good conscience proceed with cosmetic body piercing under these circumstances.