Forevermore Charity Work

Over the years we have been open we have always tried to support local charities who come to us asking for help with fundraising as well as arranging our own events and competitions to raise money for causes that mean a lot to us. Here you can see some information about charity work we have done in the past as well as upcoming events and fundraising. We hope to see you at one of them soon!


Children In War Appeal

In December 2016 Lola came up with this wonderful incentive to raise money for Save The Children!
During the festive period we wanted people to spare a thought for tens of thousands of small children lost, injured and orphaned in the war that continues to rage in Syria. We decided that if a customer donates £5 or £10 to we would discount that amount from their piercing cost. This means while you're in getting your piercing you'll have done a really, really lovely thing by donating a portion of the money you would have paid us to Children who have nothing and no one this Christmas.

During this promotion Lola helped raise £160 for those most vulnerablechild refugees and we thank all our customers who got involved.

A Bee For Panzi

In February 2015 our Piercer Lola set up a raffle for a 14k gold Bee by Body Gems to raise money for The Panzi Hospital.

Panzi Hospital is dedicated to the treatment of survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They offer life saving surgery to women who have suffered extreme gynaecological trauma as a result of rape and support for the 40-60% of women who are unable to return home to their families because of the stigma associated with sexual violence. 

We raised enough money for one woman at the Maison Dorcas aftercare facility to receive an education in numeracy, literacy, business skills and vocational training. 

Together with our customers and our tiny little jewellery giveaway we were able to provide a survivor of horrific trauma with life changing skills that we all take for granted. We hope to do more for this incredible foundation in the future.

You can read all about the Panzi Foundation by visiting:


Raffle Jew.JPG

Symbol of Solidarity

During October 2017 Lola auctioning off a 14k solid yellow gold sapphire ring hand made with love by Sacred Symbols. Sacred Symbols are a small Mexican fine jewellery business who have made some of Lola's all time favourite pieces from her own personal jewellery collection.

After purchasing a few new items from them to sell that week her joy quickly turned to sadness when we read the news that a 7.1 magnitude earthquake had hit 75 miles outside of Mexico city. The destruction was still unfoldingwhen Lola decided she needed to do something to help, the death toll was confirmed at over 230 at the time with hundreds of collapsed buildings including several apartment blocks, factories and most alarmingly a primary school full of children.

Every penny donated will be transferred directly to Topos de Tlateloco, a non-profit organistion fronted by trained volunteers who are worked pulling dead and dying children, men, women and animals from collapsed buildings. This organisation was handpicked by Charlie, the Sacred Symbols goldsmith who created this stunning piece and you can find out more about them by visiting their website where they also accept direct donations at: Lolas's GoFundMe page has since stoped tatking donations after she raised £325 but you can see it here:

FMT Running For Autism

The Scottish Centre for Autism has done so much for one of the FMT Family in helping him, his girlfriend and their wee boy. After bullying some of the staff into running the Great Scottish 10k we thought we'd try and raise some money for this worthy charity who do so much for families who really appreciate the help they provide.

On October 1st 2017 four of us managed to run the Great Scottish 10k in Glasgow: Simon, Chris, Alison & Lola. A great effort all around and they even all got cleaned up and went into work after, that's dedication! Thank you to everyone who donated, we raised £330!

10k Run 2.jpg